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  Economic Analysis Group  --  SPRING 2002


Antitrust Division, US Department of Justice

Spring 2002 Seminar Schedule

(Updated 1/26/02)

Date Speaker Title

Jan. 15 Joe Harrington Optimal Cartel Pricing in the Presence
of an Antitrust Authority
(Tues. 2-3:30) Johns Hopkins 

Feb. 12 Steven Davis Entry, Pricing and Product Design in
an Initially Monopolized Market
(Tues. 2-3:30) U. Chicago  (w/ Kevin
Murphy & Bob Topel)

Feb. 19 Chuck Romeo A Gibbs Sampler for Mixed Logit
Analysis of Differentiated Product Markets Using Aggregate
(Tues. 2-3:30) EAG 

Feb. 26 Meghan Busse Competition and Price Discrimination
in Yellow Pages Advertising
(Tues. 2-3:30) Yale  (with Marc

March 5 Abe Wickelgren Moral Hazard, Mergers and Market Power
(Tues. 2-3:30) FTC 

March 14 David Spector Horizontal Mergers, Entry and
Efficiency Defenses
(Thurs. 2-3:30) MIT 

March 21 David Reitman Mergers in Durable Goods
Markets with Rational Customers
(Tues. 2-3:30) EAG 

April 2 Sean Ennis Network Interconnection and
Structural Change
(Tues. 2-3:30) EAG 

April 23 Mike Sandfort Secondhand Markets for Durable
Goods with Transaction Costs
(Tues. 2-3:30) EAG 

May 28 Josh Lerner Patent Pools: Theory and Evidence
(Tues. 2-3:30) Harvard (With Jean Tirole) 

Seminars are typically held in Room 10-205 on the 10th floor of the
Bicentennial Building (southwest corner of the intersection of 6th Street and E Street, at 600 E Street, NW --Suite 10000, Washington DC 20530). For further information call Alex Raskovich at (202) 307-6606.



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