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  The easiest (and free) way to obtain a page on which you can post your papers and your CV is to obtain an account with a company like Geocities, which is linked to  To obtain an account, you will have to become a member of Yahoo, and your member name will become part of your address at Geocities.  

To learn more about a typical advertising-supported site, simply go to

For a sample page, go to

If you have an ISP, they may provide you with free web space.  If so, that will be better than Geocities, because Geocities inserts advertising into your site.

If you want to put your picture on your website, as I did, then you need to scan the picture and then reformat it as a jpeg or gif image. Unless you have a scanner, I would recommend giving your picture to someone who knows how to do this. By the way, I chose a size of 110 x 140 pixels for my photo, and that seems to work well on different sizes of screen.

Note that we can give you an address like: that you could put on your card and give to visitors as an easy-to-remember address for your site.  This address will automatically forward directly to the web address you give us, so your visitors don't need to stop at the main EconRef site! 

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